Millennium HRD Consultants was launched way back in 2000 with great involvement and devotion as tool to find and provide our valuable clients what they are really in need of.

Millennium HRD Consultants, provides consulting services guaranteed to help a business achieve it's goals. We offer a broad array of people development services designed to improve individual, team, and organization effectiveness. We've been successfully assisting management for more than 19 years. We can help your business.


  1. Creating lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers and associated professional allies
  2. Delivering a high standard of service with honest, integrity and always in the best interest of our client Recognizing and valuing the experience, creativity and contribution of all we are in contact with
  3. Offering all people the same opportunity to achieve their best i.e. without discrimination or favor Customizing management training programs


The organization has taken a stringent oath that it can blow up services in rigid manner to the esteemed establishments either Public or Private Sectors. It has already invaded and succeeded in Heavy / Medium / SSI Engineering Industries, Trading companies and process industries. The Employees chosen by the Employers through the organization are well settled and the employers are running the show with lucrative profits through the Employees output.



We commit to delivering the right solution to our clients and not overselling our capabilities to clients and candidates. We do not divulge clients’ confidential information.


We are sensitive to the shifting paradigms of our markets. We listen and understand our clients’ needs and quickly respond with appropriate solutions.


We employ leading edge technology to provide our clients with quick delivery of services, accurate shortlists, and certainty in candidates. We will also use technology to streamline our internal processes and maximize our efficiency.


We put our customers first. We ensure customer satisfaction in every step of our engagement from the conduct of discussion, understanding of needs, processing of requirements and submission of deliverables. We go out of our way to satisfy our customers by working conscientiously in putting quality and in being timely.


We instill to our people discipline, optimism, good attitude, a sense of responsibility and orderliness, thus, creating a corporate image of reliability and dependability.


Our leaders in the organization continuously inspire, motivate and govern all its members to perform at their best and excel in their respective fields. They build great teams that overcome difficulties and surpass challenges.


Our passion for excellence sustained us through the years. This passion has evolved into one of greatness- so we aspire to do what we can to be the best in the world, to do what drives our economic engine and to do only those things that we can be passionate about.


We develop our people to become high performers thru coaching, training and by providing opportunities for career advancement.


Maasterkey has a professionally qualified team members, responsible adults who are self directed work teams having a revolutionary approach to the way they function on the premises of mutual inter dependence and joint responsibility for outputs. The team takes quicker decisions and achieve. It targets & goals with the twice the speed and efficiency of the team hindered by management hierarchy. It has a high level of trust and confidence among the team members this will result an enhanced personal and group confidence. The team has specified the performance standard so that they will know what is expected of them. The team focusing more on results, accountability and high standards of excellence should be driven by the team. Simultaneously it has operational boundaries to know and understand the limits of its empowerment. As the team becomes more sophisticated, it can take as more complex decision making.


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